27 noviembre 2009

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Concrete slab foundation.
Laminated wood prefabricated frames.
Cylinder = vertical bathroom: shower above, +wc down + solar heater, water tank on top.
Rainwater harvesting.
Photovoltaic panels for lighting.
Exterior finish: prefabricated panels of fiberglass.
Prefabricated modular kitchen.
Spiral staircase.
Facades prefabricated: metal and glass.

Estimated cost: $ 10,000 U.S.
Assembly time: 3 days
The mass production of some parts, can significantly reduce the cost ($ 7000 us).
However its construction system requires (on purpose) a strong involvement of direct labor.
The orientation depends on the location, looking for the most suitable for each site.
Thermoacoustic insulation has a Styrofoam plate placed a kind of sandwiched between the interior and exterior finishing.

Rainwater is collected in a buried tank, water is pumped to the elevated tank to then distributed by gravity where required.

All this is included in the estimated cost.

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